Lights, Camera, Action – Get Yourself on You Tube Now!

I enjoyed reading Jeff Bullas article a few months ago highlighting the success of You Tube which, according to today’s news is the 2nd biggest brand in the UK only behind Apple itself.

And yet it is amazing just how many small businesses selling tangible products or services have yet to make the connection and get a dedicated channel of their own.  Whilst many have gone down the road of getting a few videos online many remain ‘unseen’ as they are not promoted effectively.  This is an excellent B2B and B2C opportunity for businesses.

A big thanks to Lisa Barone for her excellent tips on setting up a channel, here are a few excerpts from her article to consider:

  • Obviously you need to create an account if you don’t have one.  Try and secure the name of your company or brand as the user name. If you need to abbreviate or moderate then ensure this works across all your social media outlets for consistency and reconcilability. The URL for your YouTube channel will look something like You will be asked to put in other information such as country of origin, birth date and so on.
  • Once your account is created fill in the detail to complete your profile.  You will need a profile picture (avatar), ensure you use plenty of relevant keywords to describe yourself in the profile. Most importantly do not forget to link back to your website and vis versa.  Grab the You Tube icon code and link to your new channel.

As with your website you must optimize your video content, You Tube is the 3rd largest search engine.  Think in those terms and you won’t go far wrong.  Obviously, the bulk of your optimization efforts will focus on the actual video themselves. Here are some of the most important areas you’ll want to spend time on.

  • Video File Name: Change the default name to something your target audience will look for.  If I was to record a video explaining how to write a marketing plan, I would name it exactly in that way don’t use too many works 4-6 is a good string length.
  • Title: Make sure to vary the tile of the video so they are not all the same.
  • Description: Write a description that accurately reflects the content or demonstration. A good description should build upon the Title a misleading title will cause people to bounce of your channel and you may be unlucky enough to get lots of dislikes. Make sure you deliver what you advertise.  Always include a link to your website to give viewers more information.
  • Tags: It is important to attribute the correct tags to your video as You Tube will use these to collate similar content for the viewer to watch.  Include your name/title/descriptions (from your earlier work on the Title & Descripton fields).  There is no limit so add other information as long as it is relevant.


  • Optimize Your Video Channel. Amend and alter this section with great care as you would your website include your website name and other optimized words and phrases relevant to your company.  Your overall look and feel should where possible mirror your company’s brand.  You can alter the background so give this a similar look and feel to your other web vehicles through the use of colour, imagery, font, type etc.


  • Recognition or community building.  Your popularity will be taken into consideration so work to improve this, encourage friends and colleagues to view your site and leave comments.  Look for your customers and competitors and other movers and shaker.  One of the best ways to gain traffic to your YouTube videos is to post a video response to other people’s video. This puts your video in their comment section so that everyone who views it will see your video right below. You’ll want to target not only your friends’ videos, but also other related videos with very high popularity numbers.

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